All certifications to we have, are your guarantee of a dedication to quality, the same as you’d receive from the original manufacturer.

Every component specifically designed and manufactured to work together, then finished and assembled by a highly trained specialist.

Do a quick search now on Google or eBay, and you’ll see that there are a huge number of aftermarket turbochargers available. To the untrained eye, they may all seem very similar, making it tempting to go for the cheapest option.

In reality, turbochargers and components vary massively in terms of quality, durability and performance, and as with many things in life, you get what you pay for.

Gijutsu Turbo System and reputable turbo manufacturers all have rigorous testing and quality control processes in place to ensure that all the units that leave their facilities are fit for purpose, and built to the same high standard.

These processes contribute to the cost of each unit, but help to ensure that they always produce dependable, high performance turbochargers that are capable of withstanding the stresses and strains of heavy use.